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We do provide assistance in the MRC for all math classes and other classes where you encounter math. Come to either campus' MRC for help. Resources for some specific courses are linked below. Feel free to browse the resources we have online so far.

Multimedia Tutorials (by subject)

Math 113 Plane Geometry Worksheets

Math and Test Anxiety Information

Outside Resources (This will lead you to book specific materials through the publisher's Website. Enter their site, select your book which are alphabetized by author and name of book, and then install the needed software. You will be able to use the MyMathLab materials without a registration code.)

Ask Dr. Math (General Help site,

Math Dictionary (Definitions of math terms,

Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators (Get your calculator's manual and other information, (This Website has tons of lessons ranging from arithmetic to advanced algebra and links to other resources. This link will take you straight to the Lessons Index. Go to to start at their homepage.)