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Math Resource Center Multimedia Tutorials

Click the links below to select the tutorial of your choice. They are zipped folders that contain all the files needed. Follow these steps to successfully view the tutorial.
1. Click the link and then Run the .exe (or executable) file.
2. The publisher will be unknown. Run the file anyway.
3. Follow the prompts to Unzip the folder.
4. If asked, Accept the terms for the PowerPoint viewer.
5. Open the .ppt (or PowerPoint) file.

It might help to use the Find function to find the tutorial you are looking for. Press the Control (Ctrl, lower left of keyboard) button and the F key to bring up the Find dialog box. Enter the subject you want a tutorial about and select the "Find Next" button repeatedly. Your computer will find all instances of that word on this page.

These are PowerPoint presentations. You will need PowerPoint or the free PowerPoint Viewer which is packaged with each tutorial. To hear the audio, you will also need speakers or headphones on your computer.

Once within PowerPoint, advance each slide at your own pace by using the Page Up and Page Down buttons or the Up and Down Arrows. The Escape button will exit the tutorial.

Worksheets referred to are available under the main "Worksheets" link for your course's page.

Full Slide Show Presentation with Audio (zipped files -- see instructions above)
Printable Powerpoint Version (In the Print dialog, select "Handouts" under "Print what" and select 2 slides per page.)
Numbers and such, Order of operations, Factors versus terms  
Basic Graphing: Real number line, Interval notation, Rectangular coordinate system, Graphs of equations  
Basic algebraic manipulation, Factoring polynomials, Radicals  
Solving equations and inequalities algebraically  
Solving equations and inequalities graphically  
Linear functions and equations, Slope  
Calculator tutorials and local extrema  
Quadratic functions and equations  
Maximums and minimums of quadratic functions  
Power and polynomial functions and equations  
Story problems: Applications, Setting up equations  
Piecewise functions, Increasing and decreasing functions, Rate of change  
Solving absolute value equations: Algebraic and graphical methods  
Solving radical equations: Algebraic and graphical methods  
Solving absolute value inequalities: Algebraic and graphical methods  
Rational functions  
Solving polynomial and rational inequalities: Graphical methods  
Composition and operations on functions  
Inverses and one-to-one functions  
Analytical geometry and other mathematical models  
Exponential and logarithmic functions  
Logarithm rules  
Solving exponential and logarithmic equations: Algebraic and graphical methods  
Solving exponential and logarithmic equations: Applications: Compound interest and exponential decay and growth