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Math anxiety can turn your math class into a nightmare. The Math Resource Center along with Student Services hosts workshops each semester to talk about math anxiety. We also talk through tips that may help you overcome this anxiety. Below are the handouts and general information from our workshops.

Do you have math anxiety? A self-test

Coping with math anxiety (A thorough discussion of the problem and solutions)

Math! A four letter word (A summary of the film we watch in the workshops)


For all classes, it is a good idea to know how best you personally learn stuff. Maybe you remember stuff that is told to you better than stuff you see. Maybe you need to get your hands on something to truly understand it. Knowing your particular learning style will help you study more effectively. Below are handouts to help you figure out your learning style and what to do about it.

Learning styles inventory

Adapting study strategies to learning styles


When you get back a test you did poorly on, make sure you try to figure out what went wrong. The test analysis form below helps you take inventory of why and where your mistakes were.

Test analysis sheet


Many people have test anxiety in general. The documents below will teach you some relaxation and study techniques that hopefully will help you pass that next nasty test.

Relaxation Techniques

Taking an Objective Test

Test Taking Strategies

Test Anxiety Scale (Measure your test anxiety)

Test Anxiety Strategies