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Available Worksheets

Worksheets are optional unless specified by your instructor. They are separated into three categories, review material, calculator, and class material worksheets.

It might help to use the Find function to find the worksheet you are looking for. Press the Control (Ctrl, lower left of keyboard) button and the F key to bring up the Find dialog box. Enter the subject you want a worksheet about and select the "Find Next" button repeatedly. Your computer will find all instances of that word on this page.

You must have Acrobat Reader to open these PDF documents. You can get this at To print, use the small print button inside the PDF document's window.

Review Material Worksheets
Solutions (if available)
General information, factoring, properties of real numbers, combining like terms
Properties of real numbers 1 Properties of real numbers 1 Solutions
Solving linear equations using a verbal model method
Solving linear equations Solving linear equations Solutions
Order of operations
Discovering the rules of exponents  
Scientific notation and your calculator  
Slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines
Parallel and perpendicular lines  


Calculator Worksheets (These are designed for the TI calculators, including the TI84. See your instructor or come to the MRC for help with other models.)
Solutions (if available)
A list of useful things about your calculator Things to know about your calculator  
Get started graphing, including the ZOOM and TRACE functions Graphing calculator basics  


Class Material Worksheets
Solutions (if available)
Compass and straight edge construction: Circumscribed triangle  
Paper construction: Parallel line  
Paper construction: Angle bisector  

All materials were written by Lewis and Clark faculty unless specified otherwise. The original authors maintain copyright. Feel free to reproduce for non-profit, educational purposes. Please denote authorship when doing so.