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Diagnostic Questions

The Diagnostic Questions were designed to help you understand where you are weak in the prerequisite material for your math class. All of the questions on the short quiz are taken from lower level courses. If you do poorly on this quiz, it is an indication that you need to review these skills to be successful in class. Use the worksheets below and your instructor's help to review. The numbers refer to the information given on the Follow-up sheet.

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Review Material Worksheets
Solutions (if available)
    Diagnostic Questions for Math 116 Worksheet (This is taken in class. You can get a copy from the MRC after it has been given out in class.)
Diagnostic Questions for Math 116 Follow-up (where to find help and practice)
Some general info and factoring

Properties of real numbers: Basics of real numbers and algebra

Properties of real numbers Solutions: Basics of real numbers and algebra
Properties of real numbers: Commutative and associative properties Properties of real numbers Solutions: Commutative and associative properties
Elementary properties of real numbers: Distribution property and combining like terms Elementary properties of real numbers Solutions: Distribution property and combining like terms
Order of operations
Verbal model method
Solving linear equations Solving linear equations Solutions
Understanding slope Understanding slope Solutions
Slopes of these lines
Parallel and perpendicular lines  
Systems of linear equations
Solving linear systems graphically  
Exponent rules
Discovering the rules of exponents  
A geometric understanding of FOIL
Understanding FOIL  

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