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Diagnostic Questions

The Diagnostic Questions were designed to help you understand where you are weak in the prerequisite material for your math class. All of the questions on the short quiz are taken from lower level courses. If you do poorly on this quiz, it is an indication that you need to review these skills to be successful in class. Use the worksheets below and your instructor's help to review.

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Review Material Worksheets
Solutions (if available)
    Diagnostic Questions for Math 112 Worksheet (This is taken in class. You can get a copy from the MRC after it has been given out in class.) Math 112 Diagnostic Follow-up (where to find help and practice)
  Worksheet 1: Order of operations Worksheet 1: Order of operations Solutions
Simplifying fractions Worksheet 2: Equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions Worksheet 2: Equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions Solutions
  Math 111 - Chapter 2 Review: Do you know your integers?  
  Operations with signed numbers 1 Operations with signed numbers 1 Solutions
  Tutorial 5: Operations with signed numbers  
  Worksheet 6: Percentages Worksheet 6: Percentages Solutions
  Worksheet 7: Multiplying fractions Worksheet 7: Multiplying fractions Solutions
  Worksheet 8: Dividing fractions Worksheet 8: Dividing fractions Solutions
Understanding percentages Working with percents  
  Operations with signed numbers  
Introduction to the Website Practice on the computer!  

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